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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is www.hamptonsproperties.com?

A: Hamptonsproperties.com is an innovative real estate advertising website, owned and operated by Rosehip Partners that caters to buyers and sellers of Hamptons real estate with a suite of innovative tools you won’t find anywhere else in the market.

Q: Who is Rosehip Partners?

A: Rosehip Partners is a licensed, full service real estate brokerage located in East Hampton, New York. The company’s principals are veteran, local real estate professionals. You can learn more about our ideas about selling real estate, the Internet, and the power of our strategies, and the people behind Rosehip by visiting www.rosehippartners.com, our corporate website.

Q:What is Rosehip’s core strategy?

A:Rosehip builds and operates innovative real estate websites utilizing “keyword” domain names like www.hamptonsproperties.com or www.hamptonsrentals.com that enjoy high organic rankings on search engine results. Our strategy is to dominate real estate in the Hamptons by introducing innovative products and superior services that set the standard for technical leadership and customer service. Data compiled by the National Association of Realtors suggests that over 90% of consumers manage the process of buying a home or commercial property on the Internet. Our tools to do just that are unrivaled in the Hamptons market.

Q: Sellers: What are my listing and advertising options?

A: You can list your property as an Open or as an Exclusive listing or as a For Sale By Owner. Hamptons Properties provides all the tools needed to distribute your Exclusive listing to all the real estate agencies and individual agents as you see fit. If you are interested in full service brokerage options please call Rosehip at 631-324-0009 and we’ll be happy to discuss our exclusive service offerings. If you are interested in our FSBO options there is a monthly charge associated to list your property.

Q: Sellers: Is there a cost associated with listing or advertising on the website?

A: No. Accessing, using the tools on the website, and advertising your property is FREE. Rosehip acts as a broker and only makes money if one of our agents sells your property. That said, if you want to list your property as a For Sale by Owner, discussed above, there are monthly charges associated with that. Please call us for more details 631-324-0009.

Q: Sellers: How do I advertise my property on the website?

A: It’s Simple. The first step is to register as a user and create your account. You get to the registration page by clicking the “Sign Up” button located at the upper right of every page. Once you register you will be directed to your “Control Panel.” this is your command central from where you add and edit your listings or send blasts to other brokers. Adding a listing generally takes about ten minutes to complete. After you enter a listing or make edits it goes into a management review process. If everything is in order your listing is approved and is displayed on our website for the public to view. Once you register, your information is forwarded to one of our agents who will be in contact promptly to offer assistance or advice on how to best get your property priced or sold or optimized on HP. Alternatively you can always call our office at 631-324-0009 during regular business hours and one of our agents can get your property listed immediately.

Q: Buyers: What is so special about Hamptons Properties?

A: In short, everything, but simply put HP is the only real estate site where as a buyer you can save and share all your candidate properties, including links from other web sites, from one easy central location that you share with your broker. We’re referring to a shared wall where you can post and discuss properties, make plans to meet, document the terms of an offer, whatever you want really. Unlike traditional email based relationships, everything is stored in one convenient place for future reference. No more searching for an email or a property link that was sent weeks ago.

Q: Buyers: I want something easy to use, this sounds complicated.

A: On the contrary, there is no easier and more efficient means of managing your real estate search! The intuitive social interface is unlike anything available in the market today, offering a shared space, a wall where you can discuss the relative merits of candidate properties with your broker or a search partner. Establishing and managing your account couldn’t be easier! As mentioned above, since everything is stored on a shared wall for easy access, you’ll never need to search for an email or a property link that was sent weeks ago like in every other broker’s system.

Q: Buyers: So is this whole process self service?

A: No. We will match you with an agent who will be an available to you from your shared wall or by telephone. Rosehip agents are local to the Hamptons and trained to think like consultants. They can help you with anything from a technical issue with the Website to research into a school district, advice about the relative value of different neighborhoods, or simply analysis of a candidate property for purchase.

Q: I still have some questions, how can I reach you?

A: We are open during normal business hours and can be reached by phone at 631-324-0009, or by email to info@hamptonsproperties.com. We also would welcome your visit! Rosehip’s offices are at 3 Railroad Avenue at the intersection with Newtown Lane in East Hampton.